Ground Training

In the theoretical study at the College of Aviation, you learn theories about how airplanes fly, the weather, and many other aviation-related topics. The main objective of studying theoretical aviation at Aviation College is to help you pass the knowledge test. You study theories in Ground School about aircraft, the atmosphere, and many other aviation issues. The purpose of the ground school is to help you test knowledge. However, the Flying School is where you take real-life piloting plane lessons. You are ready to take an exam from an instructor at the conclusion of the flying school.  According to  eCFR

Before you can fly a plane on your own for the first time, you need to pass a knowledge test before your solo driving test. The test covers airspace rules and procedures for the airport where you will make your first solo flight. The test also verifies your knowledge of the aircraft you will be flying in. Besides this, the Aviation College covers many other areas related to ground training.

Private Pilot Ground Training: Before you can obtain your pilot’s license, you will need to pass a computerized flight knowledge test. This exam covers topics such as aviation regulations, navigation, radio communication procedures, and aerodynamics.

Commercial Pilot Ground Training: In addition to what you learned during your training as a private pilot, you will need more knowledge in advanced areas, including performance charts, emergency operations, and how to use air navigation facilities.

Pilots not only master the skill of flying, but they also master a sound theoretical knowledge of flying. Pilot licenses involve both experience and practical testing, with the exception of the student pilot permit.

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