Demonstration Flight For Marketing Purposes

This flight applies to flight schools (flight school means any pilot school, flight training center, the flight training center for air coaches, or a flight instructor certified to be certified under 14 CFR Part 61, 121, 135, 141 or 142; or any individual or organization providing instructions in any aircraft or aircraft simulator under 49 USC) in operating aircraft or aircraft simulators, and the personnel who apply for such instructions or who receive such instructions. A demonstration flight for marketing purposes includes a flight to demonstrate to the potential buyer or potential buyer of an aircraft or simulator, such as an acceptance flight after the aircraft manufacturer supplies the aircraft to the buyer, to demonstrate the features and characteristics of air – an aircraft simulator or simulator (an aircraft simulator means a flight simulator) Or Flight Training Device, as these terms are defined in 14 CFR 61.1). According to ecfr

Through this demonstration flight, the plane’s characteristics can be shown through the simulator, wherein the current simulation systems; the main program teaches the birds how to avoid disturbance events. Still, if the plane is exposed to these conditions, the pilots must know how to control the control safely and adequately. Existing simulators cannot do this due to limited mobility.

It is also possible to clarify certain angles of flight when the airflow stops and the plane start to decline and clarify the aircraft’s capabilities in avoiding the air bumps and the strength of the fuselage, and more capabilities of the aircraft may interest any buyer.

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