China CMIIT ID is required for all wireless devices (cellular phones, modems, routers, etc.) imported into China. CMIIT ID is a compulsory certification for wireless products in China, and the CMIIT ID consists of 15 digits. CMIIT ID certification process:

Step 1. The applicant submits the application form and required documents to the Certification Body (CB).

Step 2. The CB evaluates the application and requires the applicant to submit additional information if necessary.

Step 3. The CB conducts an onsite audit of the applicants factory and/or office to verify compliance with the requirements.

Step 4. The CB prepares a test report based on the audit findings and submits it to the CMIIT for approval.

Step 5. The CMIIT issues the CMIIT ID certificate to the applicant.

Scope of CMIIT ID Certification: CMIIT ID certification is applicable to the following products: Cellular Phones Modems Routers Wireless LAN Cards and Adapters Wireless Access Points (WAP) Wireless LAN Controllers WiFi Repeaters Wireless Security Cameras Wireless Baby Monitors Wireless Microphones Wireless Headsets Wireless Speakers Other Wireless Devices

CMIIT ID is NOT required for the following products: Devices intended solely for the use of the armed forces Devices intended for space or airborne applications Devices that use shortrange wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, NFC, ZigBee, etc. CMIIT ID can be obtained by both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

CMIIT ID is valid for 5 years.

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