MNPI – Acronym Meaning

MNPI stands for Material Non-Public Information. Material information is accurate information that is not commonly available, except that it relates to the company’s business that, for some reason, is expected to affect the share price or shareholders ‘investment decisions. As this information includes, for example, a merger of companies, or acquisition and acquisition, or joint ventures, or the attempt or pursuit of buying a company, or the distribution of shares_ profits, or the distribution of earnings of an unusual nature, or the profit or loss of an essential contract, or entry or exit from An crucial segment of the company’s market, or an essential and new product or invention, or significant damage to the company’s assets or operational capacity, or any change in control or a substantial and meaningful change in management, or a critical legislative or administrative decision, or a large quantity sale Significant additional securities, or the purchase or sale of the company’s essential assets.

This binding policy, with which all company employees and the board of directors comply, includes everything related to the disclosure and disclosure of material information through electronic publishing or transmission on the Internet or written data provided in the company’s annual and quarterly reports. This includes information broadcasted via news and earnings bulletins, letters to shareholders, administrative letters and proposals, and information on the company’s website. It also contains statements, which are issued during individual and group meetings with analysts and shareholders, in addition to covering phone calls with analysts and shareholders, meetings, conferences and press releases.

Accordingly, spokespersons are appointed to provide only the information that is permitted so that the board of directors is responsible for appointing: the chairman, the chief executive officer, the chief operating officer, the chief financial officer, and the investor relations manager [and any other nominee of the board] as speakers. Officials for the company to handle communications with external parties and sometimes in internal bodies to inform employees of new information that would affect their work and to keep them informed of developments in matters in the organization in which they work. In addition to contributors, analysts and the press. The company will announce to the concerned authorities the identity of its official spokespersons. As for the other employees who the CEO has nominated, they will speak on behalf of the company from time to time to answer shareholders’ inquiries or the media.

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