US law defines “the alien” as “anyone who is not a US citizen,” and in 2015, California removed this term from state labour law.

The term illegal alien was long viewed as an inhuman insult by advocates of immigrants. Still, the term became more controversial during the era of Donald Trump, and some senior federal officials encouraged its use. Many states and local governments have taken measures to ban it.

While several states and local governments have taken measures to ban it, Trump has consistently cited the term “the alien” in his speeches until one of his last speeches as president he used at least five times.

But the new administration’s efforts are seeking to use more respectful language that offers hope for changing Americans’ views of undocumented immigrants. An affirmation that changing just one word has a far-reaching impact on millions. Just one word to remove it from US immigration laws would have colossal symbolism.

The word “Alien” in English means “foreign” or literally “foreigner,” to be replaced by the word “non-citizen.”

Although it is only a word, it will have a very great symbolic significance if it is removed from the US immigration laws. It is just a tiny part of the comprehensive immigration reform that US President Joe Biden is pushing for.

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