GVWR Class List

Federal Highway Administration GVWR Class Identification Find your vehicle’s GVWR by decoding the vin. Class 1-2: Light Duty (GVWR = 10,000 lbs or Less) This is a set of three reference cards designed to help law enforcement by depicting types of vehicles and vehicle weights so officers can correctly identify vehicle type. The first card… Continue reading GVWR Class List


China CMIIT ID is required for all wireless devices (cellular phones, modems, routers, etc.) imported into China. CMIIT ID is a compulsory certification for wireless products in China, and the CMIIT ID consists of 15 digits. CMIIT ID certification process: Step 1. The applicant submits the application form and required documents to the Certification Body… Continue reading China CMIIT ID

Singapore Radio Type Approval (IMDA)

Singapore Radio Type Approval (IMDA) is a technical specification and compliance process for radio communications equipment used in the country. The process is managed by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), which is the regulatory body for the telecommunications and media industries in Singapore. IMDA provides guidelines for radio equipment type approval, which manufacturers must… Continue reading Singapore Radio Type Approval (IMDA)

Waioder Meaning

Waioder Definition is not a meaningful term in any of the languages, and it isn’t very meaningful in foreign dictionaries of languages. Appearing in the mark has no significance, nor is it a term of art in the relevant trade or industry or as used in connection with the goods/services listed in the application, or… Continue reading Waioder Meaning

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MNPI – Acronym Meaning

MNPI stands for Material Non-Public Information. Material information is accurate information that is not commonly available, except that it relates to the company’s business that, for some reason, is expected to affect the share price or shareholders ‘investment decisions. As this information includes, for example, a merger of companies, or acquisition and acquisition, or joint… Continue reading MNPI – Acronym Meaning


US law defines “the alien” as “anyone who is not a US citizen,” and in 2015, California removed this term from state labour law. The term illegal alien was long viewed as an inhuman insult by advocates of immigrants. Still, the term became more controversial during the era of Donald Trump, and some senior federal… Continue reading Alien

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Glossary of Commissioned Paper Synopsis

NAGB Conference on Increasing the Participation of SD and LEP Students in NAEP Commissioned Paper Synopsis   The attached paper is one of a set of research-oriented papers commissioned by NAGB to serve as background information for the conference attendees.  The authors bear sole responsibility for the factual accuracy of the information and for any… Continue reading Glossary of Commissioned Paper Synopsis


TSA designates an alien or another person who applies for flight training or recurrent training. It excludes someone who has been approved by the Department of Defense for flight training.

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The time between the end of evening civil twilight and the start of morning civil sunrise is known as night. 14 CFR 61.109 refers to this term once more. As a result, a day is described as the time between the start of civil sunrise in the morning and the end of civil twilight in… Continue reading DAY

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Physiography Definition

Physiology (or physiology) is studying the vital functions of living organisms, whether their nature is biochemical, physical or mechanical. It is one of the branches of biology that studies the changes that occur to the functions of an organism. Some doctors and scholars working in this branch of science were famous in different eras, beginning… Continue reading Physiography Definition

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