What Does Putty Mean

PuTTY There is no official definition of “PuTTY.” Still, the term is commonly used as an application for both SSH and telnet and includes an xterm terminal emulator, and PuTTY is an alternative to telnet clients. PuTTY is primarily written and maintained by Simon Tatham, a British programmer for the Windows platform. PuTTY is open-source… Continue reading What Does Putty Mean

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FCC ID Definition

FFC ID is meaning Federal Communications Commission IDentification. You can find the FCC ID on nearly every piece of the computer. FCC ID numbers can be used to find information about a device manufacturer or other helpful information if no other numbers are found to infer device information. It is essential to realize that the… Continue reading FCC ID Definition

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Glossary Additions from Appendices and Supplemental Material

Glossary Additions from Appendices and Supplemental Material   m/s – meters per second S/m  – siemens per meter (conductivity) Bar/Bars –  measure of pressure bbl  –  barrels UW   – underway LO  – layout PU  – pickup MU – make up WOW  – waiting on weather SPM   – strokes per minute RIH  –  run into the hole POOH – pull out of the hole… Continue reading Glossary Additions from Appendices and Supplemental Material

Glossary of OBTS Events and Jail Codes

   Table of Contents Page Numbers Glossary of Acronyms and Terms 2-8 OBTS Events 9-10 Jail Codes 11 Disposition Legend Codes 12-13   Acronym or Term                             Definition A Arrest – The charging of an individual with the offense or violation or the execution of an arrest warrant. The arrest process may include booking, fingerprinting, but… Continue reading Glossary of OBTS Events and Jail Codes

Glossary of Public Hearing on Safety Management

DEFENSE NUCLEAR FACILITIES SAFETY BOARD Public Hearing on Safety Management of Waste Storage and Processing in the Defense Nuclear Facilities Complex   Acronyms 830 – Code of Federal Regulations, Title 10 Part 830 3009 – DOE Standard 3009 5506 – DOE Standard 5506-2007 AIB – DOE Accident Investigation Board AK – Acceptable Knowledge AMWTP –… Continue reading Glossary of Public Hearing on Safety Management

Glossary of CASCADE-P Tutorial

CASCADE-P Tutorial for http://greengenes.llnl.gov/16S The CASCADE-P tools use the prokMSA as their data source. The prokMSA is a multiple sequence alignment of the publicly available 16S rDNA sequences. Some functions require the user to indicate which branch(es) of the phylogenetic tree they wish to examine. The “Browse” function allows the user to find and select… Continue reading Glossary of CASCADE-P Tutorial

Glossary of FEMA Terms

GLOSSARY Assistant: Title for subordinates of the Command Staff positions. The title indicates a level of technical capability, qualifications, and responsibility subordinate to the primary positions. (FEMA) Branch: The organizational level having functional or geographic responsibility for major parts of the Operations or Logistics functions. The Branch level is organizationally between Section and Division/Group in… Continue reading Glossary of FEMA Terms

Glossary of SSA, IRS and State Administrators

Glossary This list identifies and defines terms SSA, IRS, and state administrators commonly use in administering Section 218.   Term Definition 218 Agreement See Section 218 Agreement 218(b)(5)Coverage Group See Absolute Coverage Group 218(d) Coverage Group See Retirement System Coverage Group 69 Number A nine-digit number assigned by SSA prior to 1987 to every State… Continue reading Glossary of SSA, IRS and State Administrators

Glossary of Cost Estimation

COST ESTIMATION  SCOPE This Quality Work Instruction (QWI) defines the Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) procedure to develop project cost estimates in a consistent (standardized) manner.  The purpose of this QWI is to establish a procedure that improves the accuracy of cost estimates at project baseline, effectiveness of cost management throughout the project life-cycle, as… Continue reading Glossary of Cost Estimation

Glossary of Budget Preparation Process

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT OFFICE (PMO) PROJECT BUDGET PREPARATION GUIDELINE DATE: JULY 1, 2002 REVISION 2.1 PRODUCT CODE: GTA-PMO-GLI-112 Table of Figures Figure 1: Budget Preparations. 5 List of Appendices None. Revision History Revision Number Date Comment 1.0 March 2, 2001 Original Scope[1] and Initial Baseline 2.0 February 6, 2002 PMO Refinement 2.1 July 1, 2002 Wording… Continue reading Glossary of Budget Preparation Process