Flight School

Flight School is a course of study for those who want to learn how to fly an airplane.

Before you can fly a plane on your own for the first time, you need to pass a knowledge test before your solo driving test. The test covers airspace rules and procedures for the airport where you will make your first solo flight. The test also verifies your knowledge of the aircraft you will be flying in. Besides this, the Flight School covers many other areas related to ground training.

Private Pilot Ground Training: Before you can obtain your pilot’s license, you will need to pass a computerized flight knowledge test. This exam covers topics such as aviation regulations, navigation, radio communication procedures, and aerodynamics.

Commercial Pilot Ground Training: In addition to what you learned during your training as a private pilot, you will need more knowledge in advanced areas, including performance charts, emergency operations, and how to use air navigation facilities.

In flight school, you learn how to perform maneuvers, procedures and tasks associated with operating an aircraft; you will learn how to take off, communicate with air traffic control and handle stops. You will begin to use the flight simulator to get comfortable in interacting with the plane with an instructor next to you. After 10 to 40 hours, you will be ready to experience a Solo Flight.

Private Pilot Flight School Training: After completing your first solo flight, your training will continue to cover more complex operations, including cross-country flights, night flights, emergency procedures, and maneuvers. Most people take 60 to 75 hours of flying to obtain a private pilot’s license.

Flight School Practical Training for Commercial Pilot: Commercial pilots undergo more intensive flight training during their studies at the Flight School. The study includes equipment operations, high altitudes, and complex aircraft operations. Commercial flights require flying between different airports, so you will need to know how to operate within controlled and uncontrolled airspace. A commercial pilot’s license requires between 200 and 250 hours of flight training.

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