How to request an NCAGE Code

How to Obtain a NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE) Code

If the NCAGE code has already been registered, you can search for it here.

The Commercial and Government Entity Code also known as CAGE Code, is a code assigned to businesses providing a product or service to the United States (U.S.) Government. In the NATO Codification System community, it’s referred to as NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code also known as NCAGE Code.

A NCAGE is a five-character alphanumeric identifier assigned to entities located outside of the U.S. and its’ territories.

In business, an entity refers to a person, department, corporation, cooperative, partnership, business, manufacturer, organization or other groups.

Non-U.S. entities are to register through the NATO Support and Procurement Agency, better known as NSPA, to obtain a NCAGE Code using the NATO Codification Tools ePortal at

Once at the ePortal, click on CAGE/NCAGE Code Request and follow the instructions to obtain a NCAGE Code.

Once the request has been submitted, a validation e-mail message will be sent to the entity Point of Contact listed on the NCAGE Request for Confirmation. Once received, the entity Point of Contact will confirm the request by clicking on the embedded link in the e-mail.

The NSPA will assign a NCAGE Code or forward the request to the applicable National Codification Bureau also known as NCB.

An e-mail or letter from either the NSPA or NCB will be sent to the entity Point of Contact if a NCAGE Code is not assigned.

The entity Point of Contact can inquire about their NCAGE Code by contacting the NSPA or applicable NCB nation in which their entity is physically located. A list of applicable contacts can be located at the displayed link under Contacts.

When the NCAGE Code is assigned, the NSPA or the appropriate country’s NCB will forward all NCAGE Code information to the DLA CAGE Program Office.

Once the DLA CAGE Program Office receives the NCAGE Code, it will be displayed within one business day after assignment in the CAGE Search and Inquiry also known as CSI. The CSI page can be accessed at

If the NCAGE Code is not displayed in the CSI but is located in NSPA, contact the DLA Customer Interaction Center at to report the discrepancy.

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