How to obtain an NCAGE or CAGE Code

Why do I need a CAGE code?

The CAGE code is used to support a variety of procurement and acquisition processes throughout the U.S. Government.

How do I register a CAGE code?

If you are doing business with the U.S. Government to include contracts and grants, you must register at SAM. During this process you will be assigned a new CAGE code if one doesn’t already exist. Or, if you have an existing CAGE code your information will be updated.

If you are NOT doing business with the U.S. Government but require a CAGE code to be assigned to support any Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation (DFAR) requirement you may Request or Update your CAGE code.

How do I register an NCAGE code?

All entities located outside of the U.S. and its’ Territories and require an NCAGE be assigned or update information will be submitted at NSPA.

AFTER you receive your NCAGE, AND you are doing business with the U.S. Government to include contracts and grants, you MUST register through D&B, and then register in SAM.

Do I need to register in SAM?

Yes, if you will be receiving contracts or grants from the U.S. Government you MUST register at SAM.

Who assigns and maintains CAGE codes?

The DLA CAGE Program Office is the only authorized source for U.S. CAGE codes.

Who assigns and maintains NCAGE codes?

All requests for NCAGE codes will be submitted at NSPA. NSPA will route the request, based upon the physical location of the NON-U.S. entity.

Assignment and maintenance of an NCAGE is the responsibility of the NCB if they are (NATO) and Tier II Nations. Scroll to the Annex – Points of Contacts (POC) for NCAGE Matters to identify all NATO and Tier II Nations.

All other entities located OUTSIDE the United States, NATO, and the Tier II Nations, will be assigned and maintained by the NSPA.

What is the status of my CAGE request?

CAGE codes are assigned on a first in/first out order based upon the date received by the CAGE Program Office. The CAGE Program Office has up to 10 business days to process all CAGE requests.

If you registered in SAM, check your registration status with the SAM Status Tracker. If the status reflects “Pending CAGE Validation”, contact the DLA Customer Interaction Center (CIC). If it reflects any other status, contact the Federal Service Desk (FSD).

If you are NOT registered in SAM and have submitted a Request or Update CAGE code form contact the DLA CIC for assistance.

What is the status of my NCAGE request?

If you have submitted an NCAGE request or update at NSPA and have not received an approval email, the instructions will contain an Annex named: POCs for NCAGE Matters.

Locate the country where the entity is physically located for the NCAGE Matters POC. If the country is not shown on the list, NSPA is your NCAGE Matters POC.

Is there a fee/cost for CAGE codes?

Registration, assignment, and maintenance of CAGE codes are currently free.

What if my Legal Business Name (LBN) has changed?

To change an LBN, contact D&B to update and/or correct the LBN. After D&B has made the corrections, update the registration in SAM.

The information will be sent to CAGE for review. CAGE will contact the Government POC listed within the SAM registration for supporting LBN documentation.

If you have an open U.S. Government contract and your legal business name has changed, you are required to work with your contracting officer to complete one of the following Forms.

How do I resubmit my SAM registration to CAGE?

During the CAGE validation process your registration may be return to SAM for incomplete, invalid information, or requested documentation was not provided.

Update your SAM registration with correct information and submit. If you require assistance with your SAM registration please contact the FSD. Your SAM registration must reflect “Pending CAGE Validation” which indicates the CAGE Program Office has received your updated SAM registration.

How do I change the Manufacturer status in SAM?

You will need to log into your user account at

On the General Information page in SAM, you will see the ‘Organization Factors’ halfway down the page, after ‘Native American Entity Type’. The ‘Organization Factors’ area is where you can make changes to the manufacturing status. If you are a manufacturer, then you must select ‘Manufacturer of Goods’ first before another drop down box will display for your next selection.

You must submit the updated registration in SAM for processing.

What is a Single Member Disregarded Entity?

You may be contacted by a DLA CAGE representative to confirm whether or not your limited liability company you registered in SAM is a single member disregarded entity. Click the link below to read the IRS definition of what this means.

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