CMIIT ID Meaning

CMII / CMIIT identifiers are unique license numbers assigned by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (very similar to the FCC in the USA). CMII / CMIIT identifiers give certification that approves and licenses any radio equipment used and sold in China. These certificates are in place to ensure the safety of consumer products and enable them to operate at specified energy frequencies and outputs. Any wireless device sold in China must display the CMIIT ID, referred to as CMII or CMII ID.

Some examples of products include CMII / CMIIT radio identifiers, cordless phones. Wireless microphones CB Walky-talky radios. Rail Radio Solutions.

The CMII / CMIIT identifiers were established in the third month of 2008. It is responsible for governance and IT development in China (such as internet, communication, broadcasting, good information, etc.). CMII / CMIIT is a certification code that is placed on certified wireless equipment. CMII / CMIIT identifiers consist of the following:

  • The first four digits in it are the year in which it was established, for example, 2011.
  • Next is one letter, and it is the symbol for the equipment category.
  • The following single letter is the origin Id.
  • The last digit is the serial identification number.

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