Recall coordinator meaning

The recall coordinator is responsible for handling product recall processes by following FDA regulations and McKesson’s medical and surgical procedures and policies. The recall coordinator ensures the safety of our customers when notified of a product problem that requires customers to stop use, distribution centers to halt shipments, and requires isolation and containment of the invalid product.

The recall coordinator analyzes the data to determine the effect of the recalled product on the business and its customers and creates documents on the processing of product recalls. And these documents contain instructions for contacting all warehouse locations and customers to ensure that the necessary actions are taken based on the notification letter received from the recall to the initiating supplier.

Instructions may include inspection and identification of the product, quarantine, return of the supplier, disposal of products, and how the customer would respond if it affected possession or use of the affected product. In addition to these primary responsibilities, the recall coordinator supports the ongoing development and maintenance of the company’s quality assurance systems, records, and software to support the relevant business functions.

It is the responsibility of the retrieval coordinator

It evaluates supplier notifications in product returns, corrections, product warnings, safety alerts, or product withdrawals. Knowing whether this evaluation will affect the business or its active customers will determine the necessary measures to solve the crisis.

Collaborates with the recalled manufacturer or vendor to ensure obtaining information about the product and the required documentation, including the method of recovery and instructions for the affected product.

Creates a list that includes DC instructions and liaises with all DCs to conduct inspections and quarantines as needed according to recall requirements.

It analyzes customer sales tracking data and creates customer lists, including mail/contact information. These lists contain customer information from both the active and previous specified business transactions.

The customer addresses in advance a summary of the recall request for the affected product and instructions to the customer on what to do if they have the affected product recalled and contact information for questions regarding details.

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