Term – USPS Definition

Term The headword to be defined. It appears in boldface type and, if trademarked or registered, shows the appropriate trademark (™) or registration mark (®) symbol. Every term entry includes a term.

Accelerated reply mail (ARM) – USPS Definition

Accelerated reply mail (ARM) Origin Caller Service provided for barcoded reply mail at a postal facility other than the one to which the caller’s mail is actually addressed. Reply mail from the caller’s customers is captured on processing equipment programmed to include the unique ZIP+4 barcode assigned to the caller as part of the scheme… Continue reading Accelerated reply mail (ARM) – USPS Definition

Absentee balloting materials – USPS Definition

Absentee balloting materials: Postcard applications, ballots, voting instructions, and envelopes sent through the mail without postage prepayment. This public service enables U.S. expatriates, members of the Armed Forces in active service, and the U.S. Merchant Marine (and their spouses and dependents) to apply for registration and to vote when absent from the place of voting… Continue reading Absentee balloting materials – USPS Definition

TERM USPS Definition

Abbreviations and Acronyms A AADC – automated area distribution center ABE –  Automated Barcode Evaluator ABMPS – Automated Business Mail Processing System AC – actual count ACDCS – Air Contract Data Collection System ACS – Address Change Service ACT – air contract transportation tag ADAPT – Automatic Density Analysis Profile Technique ADC – area distribution center… Continue reading TERM USPS Definition

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